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kill 'em with kindness

hey guys. so i just figured i'd get rid of the shitty old blog since i'm now 100% over that shit and bring some positivity to this site. anyhow, i posted a status (as of august 21st, which is today), saying that if you use at least 3 pieces of content from my NEW updates, you will be in the draw to win some prizes from me! These will include some borders, rare(s) to your favourite sitemodel, signs, etc. All you need to do is, tag me in your sign so i can keep track of who is using my content! If you do not tag me, your sign does not count. You must also mention what 3 items you used within that one sign. This will end next Sunday, August 28th.

Also Kayla Appreciation Day is coming up! Anyway. please send all gift(s) to me August 30th as they will be sent directly to her on her birthday as a little APPRECIATION gift for what all she does. Like everyone else, she works fucking hard on her site and puts so much effort and deserves all the attention and appreciation that she gets. I am not saying this just as Kayla's friend, as I said, I am trying to bring some positivity to the siteworld. lmao.

As of myself and this site, I now work 3 jobs and I barely have time for any siteworld stuff but i am trying my best to be on as much as I can to get some new updates done for y'all. I have no idea how long this will take as I'm working 6 days a week but we will see. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥